Total Care Plan


We have always warranted the workmanship on everything we sell but now we are able to provide a total care plan that covers those extra things that come up.

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Loss of Diamonds or Gemstones.
Including the center stone.

Prong Re-Tipping &  Prong Replacement
Incurred from damage.

When your ring becomes thin.

New Head, Soldered & Set  for Your Center Stone
When retipping is not an option.

Soldering of any Break
In any type of jewelry that is covered.

One Sizing.

Replacement of Chipped or Damaged Accent Diamonds or Gems.

Dents, Gouges & Scratches
In your piece.

Replacement of Worn Out Links or Hinges in Bracelets.

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*See store for details. **Up to care plan value limits.

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